A highly experienced product professional.

Build a stand-out product your users will love.

I work with digital teams like yours to establish problem-solution fit and help create user-centred products that drive growth and customer satisfaction.

  • The reassurance of an insight-led approach.
  • Unlock your product's full potential.
  • Outperform your competitors and get ahead.

Working with start-ups, SMEs and FTSE 100s to deliver high-performing, user-centred digital products

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"Whether you're a startup or an established business, I offer a flexible approach to working with you to develop high-performing products and features. As a contract product owner, I can work with your team to help you achieve problem-solution fit and create user-centred products that drive growth and customer satisfaction. Alternatively, I offer packaged services tailored to your needs, whether you want to generate new product ideas or optimise your existing ones. Whatever your goals, I'm here to help you achieve them."

Phil Randall - Userfy



Product Vision and Strategy

I can take responsibility for or work with a team to define the product vision and strategy based on understanding the market, the competition, and the target customers' needs. I can ensure that the product vision and strategy align with the company's mission, goals and priorities and communicate the product vision to all stakeholders.

Product Vision and Strategy

User Needs and Pain Points

Through thorough user research and analysis, I can help you more deeply understand your target customers, their needs, and their pain points. Finding the key pain points and needs your product can solve is the foundation for meeting your customers' needs and exceeding their expectations.

Problems to Solve

I can work with you to ensure you solve the right problems to create products and features that customers value. Through careful problem definition and analysis, I can help you focus on the important issues your customers face. An approach that ensures your products and features are solving real problems and delivering real value.

The Market and Competition

I can work with you to develop differentiated products and features by using research and data to identify market opportunities, thoroughly analyse your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and help you create a strategy that positions you for success and drives growth.

A Winning Value Proposition

I can help craft a unique value proposition that resonates with your customers and sets you apart from competitors. Through a deep understanding of your customer needs, pain points, and competitive landscape, we can develop, test, and refine a compelling offer that communicates the value of your product or feature.

The Right Product and Features

I can work closely with the team to design and test new product concepts and new features with real users; we can follow insight-led iteration and refinement to ensure you meet customer needs, add value, and drive growth. Avoid costly mistakes and know where and how to optimise your user experience for maximum customer satisfaction and retention.

My Experience and Journey

  • Four years in the Marketing Research team at Boots working on qualitative and quantitative projects.
  • Six years in brand management and corporate strategic marketing roles.
  • Co-founded (2004), built and sold (2015) North 51, a multi-million-pound digital and software business.
  • Co-founded (2013) and sold (2015) The Insight Lab, a specialist User Research consultancy.
  • Founded (2017) Userfy as a small specialist consultancy to help digital teams design better products.

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Userfy (verb)

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To design an optimised digital experience using user insights and behavioural science.

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