Affordable, Efficient Unmoderated User Research and Testing

Optimise your digital products and services with expertly designed, unmoderated user research and testing.

  • From briefing to findings in 3 to 4 days
  • A bank of 2.4 million research participants
  • £1500 for an all-inclusive, 6-participant project
Userfy - unmoderated user testing

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Unmoderated user research and testing

“Are you ready to elevate your user experience without breaking the bank? Unmoderated research and testing are designed for smaller tasks and budget-conscious projects. Combining the power of leading unmoderated research and testing platforms, my extensive experience, and a diverse pool of 2.4 million participants, generate fast, actionable insights to help you make data-driven decisions and enhance your digital products.”

Phil Randall — Userfy Owner

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CXL Institute Certification in Digital Psychology and Persuasion

Certified in Digital Psychology and Persuasion

IDEO Trained in Design Thinking by IDEO Certification

Trained in Design Thinking by IDEO

Baymard Certified eCommerce and SaaS UX Pro

Baymard Certified SaaS & eCommerce UX Pro

Unmoderated Research and Testing

Unmoderated research is best suited to experiences, journeys or tasks of less than 15 minutes and is ideal for testing propositions, simple journeys and/ or simple tasks.


Get valuable user feedback without the high price tag. Our unmoderated user testing and research are designed to fit any budget, making it accessible to startups and established brands.

Cost-effective solution

Expert planning and analysis:

As an experienced user researcher, I will expertly plan and analyse your study to identify key insights and provide actionable recommendations based on the feedback and data collected from your participants.

Expert planning and analysis:

Faster results:

The streamlined workflow means you will receive your report, including session clips, much faster (in 3 to 4 days) than traditional moderated testing. This enables you to make quick, data-driven decisions to improve your products.

Faster results:

Price for our unmoderated research and testing



Understanding your requirements

Designing and setting up your research

Recruiting 6 participants

Deploying your research to 6 participants

Paying your participants

Analysing the 6 videos

Producing your findings report, including video clips.

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