Introducing SaaSperience:

Optimising SaaS User Experience from Day One

Don't let user experience and onboarding challenges hinder user satisfaction and retention.

  • Optimise your user experience.
  • Increase user satisfaction from the start.
  • Retain more users for longer.
Userfy - SaaSperience - Optimising SaaS User Experience

"Welcome to SaaSperience! Our expert-led service generates high-value feedback during the first month of a user's experience. We focus on the first four weeks, as it's the critical period in which users form their initial impressions of a SaaS product and decide whether to continue using it. By gathering feedback during this period, we help SaaS companies:

  • Identify where and why users are becoming disengaged.

  • Improve the onboarding process for better user adoption.

  • Optimise the experience for increased satisfaction and retention."

Phil Randall — Userfy Owner

Phil doing a cross arm pose
CXL Institute Certification in Digital Psychology and Persuasion

Certified in Digital Psychology and Persuasion

IDEO Trained in Design Thinking by IDEO Certification

Trained in Design Thinking by IDEO

Baymard Certified eCommerce and SaaS UX Pro

Baymard Certified SaaS & eCommerce UX Pro

The SaaSperience Process

A comprehensive, in-depth process to gather high-value insights from your users during their critical first 28 days:

Throughout: User feedback gathered via WhatsApp video

Day 0: Users invited and signed up for SaaSperience

Day 3-5: First survey to gather initial impressions

Day 7-10: In-depth interviews to gather detailed feedback

Day 14-17: Follow-up survey to identify challenges and frustrations

Day 21-24: Second round of in-depth interviews for more feedback

Day 28: Comprehensive findings and recommendations report

We work with start-ups, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses


Taking Your SaaS to the Next Level

Harness the power of SaaSperience to gather meaningful user feedback throughout the critical first month of your customers' experience and establish competitive advantage.

Taking Your SaaS to the Next Level

Who is SaaSperience For?

SaaSperience is designed to address the unique needs of:

Ambitious, insight-driven digital teams who are looking to optimise their onboarding process and deliver a seamless and engaging user experience from the start to drive user satisfaction and retention.

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